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Trauma creates change you DON'T choose. Healing is about creating change you DO choose.

― Michelle Rosenthall

What is Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)?

ART is a technique that helps to restore mental health by changing the way distressing memories and images are stored in the brain. ART uses back and forth eye movements which aids in processing and reconsolidating traumatic memories. When we recall sad, scary, or confusing situations, we experience uncomfortable emotions and sensations in our bodies. By introducing new, positive, or neutral images into your memory, we change the emotional impact of the traumatic event. In simpler terms, changing the image, reduces the pain and distress around the trauma. 


Why does ART use eye movements?

  • Eye movements aid in mind/body integration and learning. 

  • Eye movements help bring both the rational and emotional sides of the brain together which helps to make new connections and generate new solutions. 

  • Eye movements appear to assist the brain in interrupting negative thoughts, images, and feelings, resulting in positive changes in behavior. 

  • Eye movements appear to enhance our ability to make positive changes to memories and keep us relaxed in the process. 


What is the goal of ART?

The goal is to reduce the distress around our trauma, but not to forget what happened. The ART saying is, "Keep the Knowledge, Lose the Pain."


Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

TF-CBT is an evidence-based treatment often used with children and adolescents. TF-CBT aids in addressing upsetting beliefs by learning skills to increase emotional intelligence and cope. TF-CBT is short term and children are often better able to process their emotions and thoughts relating to a traumatic experience. 

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